Asbestos victims ‘are having injury compensation snatched back’

People suffering from industrial illnesses such as mesothelioma, a type of cancer caused by asbestos, are being robbed of the injury compensation that is due to them because of a loophole in the benefit system, according to campaigners.

Thousands of sufferers are effectively having their injury compensation payments clawed back from them because they cancel out means-tested benefits and sometimes cause pension credits and housing benefit to be taken away, the Independent reports.

Anthony Whitston of the Asbestos Support Groups Forum said that it is a case of compensation being given with one hand and snatched back with the other.

"They’ve been robbed of their life and now they’re being robbed of their compensation; it’s just hugely insulting," he told the paper.

"Sometimes we advise people not to claim it at all because they would simply be worse off."

The Court of Session in Edinburgh recently ruled that people with pleural plaques, an asbestos-related lung condition, are entitled to pursue claims for injury compensation.ADNFCR-2070-ID-19550507-ADNFCR

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Asbestos victims ‘are having injury compensation snatched back’
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