Car accident compensation - Officers treated for whiplash injury after police car crash

Two police officers have been treated for whiplash injury following a car accident involving two police cars in Nottinghamshire.

The incident occurred when the two vehicles were responding to a 999 call after a burglary in Mansfield Woodhouse and both were rushing to the scene of the crime.

While the two cars were approaching the property, they collided with each other, sending one of the vehicles into a nearby bungalow, which resulted in a burst waterpipe, though nobody was hurt inside the house.

Two of the three officers involved in the crash were taken to nearby King’s Mill hospital, where they were treated for whiplash injury and examined for other possible effects of the crash, while the third officer was unhurt.

An investigation into the crash is now underway, while the owner of the bungalow is having structural engineers assess the safety of the property.

Meanwhile, an elderly couple have been treated for whiplash following a freak crash in Bradford, in which a young girl was almost killed

Ella Varley was described as “lucky to be alive” by emergency services after the couple’s vehicle ploughed into her outside a fish shop on Keighley Road, Cowling, last week.

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