Councils pay GBP 1m each in pavement injury compensation

Councils in the UK have paid out an average of nearly GBP 1 million in injury compensation to people who have tripped on poorly-maintained payments over the last five years, according to research.

A study by the Liberal Democrats has found that more than 90 councils have been forced to pay out more than GBP 82 million in injury compensation, with the number expected to rise as more than 10,000 cases remain outstanding.

Liberal Democrat shadow transport secretary Norman Baker said that with budgets under pressure more than ever, the money would be better spent on improving the pavements to prevent accidents from happening in the first place.

"Although some councils are investing heavily to improve their footways, others seem content to almost ignore pedestrians entirely," he added.

"Too many councils seem interested only in motorists and not those who walk, cycle or take the bus."

Road maintenance is underfunded to the tune of GBP 1 billion each year, according to research by campaign group

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