Horse rider wins GBP 37k personal injury compensation

A woman who was thrown from a horse she was riding has been awarded GBP 37,000 in personal injury compensation after a successful injury claim.

Ceri Tonkinson broke her back in the fall from the horse after it was startled by another horse ridden by Stephen Davies, an employee of Downside Riding School in Penarth.

Ms Tonkinson told the South Wales Echo that she had asked Mr Davies not to overtake her horse as it had become unsettled.

However, her request was ignored and as she was passed her horse reared, throwing Ms Tonkinson to the ground.

She suffered a broken back and pelvis in the incident and has been unable to ride competitively for long periods due to the pain she suffers from the fall.

Cardiff County Court awarded Ms Tonkinson GBP 37,000 in damages after a successful personal injury claim against Mr Davies and the Penarth Downside Riding School.

Posted by Wayne Weir

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