Motorcyclist seeks personal injury compensation after being thrown from bike

A man who was injured when he was thrown from his motorbike when he hit a pothole, has been awarded compensation after a successful personal injury claim.

Graham Mills told the North Devon Journal that he rode through what he thought was a puddle, only to be thrown from his bike when his wheel hit the edge of a pothole.

He was thrown into the path of an oncoming car, which luckily managed to avoid running him over.

However, he did suffer a serious back injury in the crash and required surgery to help his recovery to repair compressed and trapped nerves.

It is reported that Mr Mills sought compensation when it was revealed that Devon County Council had inspected the road just one day before the accident, but failed to take any action.

The two parties have settled the case out of court, without an admission of liability from the council, but the size of the accident compensation settlement has not been revealed.

Posted by Trevor Baker

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