OAP dragged 90ft by bendy bus seeks injury compensation

A pensioner who was dragged 90 ft along a road in Coventry by a bendy bus is seeking injury compensation.

Janet Lott, 64, became caught in the doors of the National Express bus as she was exiting the vehicle.

”I was sitting near the rear doors so those opened and I was halfway through when all of a sudden the doors just closed," she explained.

Her knee and elbow were trapped and she was dragged along a busy road.

When the driver eventually noticed that Mrs Lott was trapped he stopped and said he was sorry, but then ran back to the bus and drove off, leaving her injured at the side of the road.

She said that the incident has put her off using buses as she now feels they are dangerous.

Mrs Lott has sought the services of an injury solicitor and is suing the bus company.

Last month, the Courier reported that Jennifer Blyth, 18, had received GBP 1.5 million in injury compensation after being knocked over by a taxi back in August 2000.

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OAP dragged 90ft by bendy bus seeks injury compensation

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