Personal injury compensation – Schoolboy rugby player awarded GBP 54k

A schoolboy rugby player has been awarded GBP 54,000 after a court upheld a personal compensation claim.

Jack Sutton was 16 when he was injured by debris on the pitch at a Leicestershire rugby club.

A “sharp stub” of a broken plastic cricket boundary marker, which protruded half an inch above the ground, caused a “serious and disabling fracture” of his right kneecap in 2007.

His team successfully argued that the club did not perform a thorough enough pitch inspection. However, the club is appealing that decision at court this week.

Syston Rugby Club claim that a fingertip search of the pitch by several people would have been necessary to spot the plastic object in the grass.

Matthew Boyle, barrister for the club, told the court Rugby Football Union regulations backed his argument that a visual inspection of the pitch from the boundary of the field is all that was legally required as a standard of care by rugby clubs towards amateur players.

Posted by Trevor Baker

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Personal injury compensation – Schoolboy rugby player awarded GBP 54k
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