The Rise of DIY Personal Injury Claims

When something happens to us which results in a personal injury, we all have the right to make a claim against those who are responsible to get compensation for the costs that have been incurred (such as medical bills and time off work) as well as the disruption to our lives and potential problems in the future.

Thanks to the abundance of information available today – mostly on the internet, as well as other factors such as the economic crisis, more and more people are taking their personal injury claims into their own hands. Whilst there are always aspects of the claim that needs to be carried out by professional lawyers, there are other parts that can be done without their help.

In an attempt to cut costs, people are increasingly attempting to pursue their personal injury claim themselves. Whilst it may seem a relatively simple prospect, a good knowledge of the law and how it works is vital to be successful. Not only do you need to have the right evidence, from the right people, you also need to know how to present your information in a manner that will ´work´ in court and not be instantly dismissed.

Lawyer Expertise

This is the most important role that your lawyer can play in helping you with your own personal injury claim. Whilst you can take a lot of the leg work away, the final presentation will almost always be better prepared by a lawyer with an intimate knowledge of the law in your specific area.

Areas of Law

Different areas of law lend themselves better to DIY cases than others. For example, a popular DIY claim is in family law – especially if situations are amicable and everybody is keen to get things resolved quickly and easily.
Personal injury claims are a little more difficult as there can be a number of factors to look at and the presentation of evidence ever important.

No Win No Fee

The idea of no win no fee legal help is the perfect solution for people who are looking to cut spending. No win no fee solicitors such as Hayward Baker only charge if the claim is successful. This means that if you don’t get your financial reward, you won´t pay anything. It means that you lawyer will be working extra hard to be successful.

It also means that your case will be handled property with as little disruption to you as possible, leaving you to focus on getting better and getting your life back on track.

It is important to remember, especially if you have had a serious injury that you can´t go back on the claim that you are making, so you need to ensure that you get it right in the first place. That means getting the right evidence, presenting it in the right way, and asking for the right amount of money. If you get less than you are entitled to, for an injury that could last a lifetime, it is you that is losing out.

And this is why, especially in serious personal injury claims, that you get as much expert advice as possible, and in most cases, you will be better off appointing a lawyer to act on your behalf.

There will be some people who can take matters into their own hands and be successful at it, but in the case of personal injuries claims, it is almost always a better idea to find a lawyer to act for you and ensure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

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The Rise of DIY Personal Injury Claims
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