Winter Driving Tips

Now January is here we are going into the cold wintry months it is time to prep your car for the cold weather.

To make sure that you do not end up stranded on the side of the road in freezing cold weather try the following tips to help your car stay on the road this winter.

  • Keep your engine running – Flat batteries are one of the main reasons cars break down more in the winter as they are having to work harder that any other time of the year. lights are on nearly all of the time, heaters, window wipers all take their toll on the battery. If your car struggles to start or wont auto lock check your battery and charge if necessary. keep jump leads in the car if you have them.
  • Slow down – Keep your speed down in ice and snow keep your distance more than usual, try to anticipate other drivers moves, brake slowly and remember your stopping distance will increase in slippery weather conditions.
  • Tyres – check your tyre thread meets the minimum requirement which is 1.6 mm and above. You can use a 20 pence coin for this. If the outer edge of the coin is obscured by the tread you are above the legal limit. Don’t risk being prosecuted or skidding out of control by using worn out tyres.
  • Windscreen – visibility whilst driving is extremely important of course so keep your water bottle topped up with a good quality screen wash to avoid streaks on your windscreen.
  • Lights – during these dark months you may very well be driving to and from work in the dark so lights should be checked that they are all working. That is headlights, sidelights, tail,brake, reversing, fog, hazard, indicator and registration plate lights.

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Winter Driving Tips
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