Hand Injury Compensation Claim Value

Total or effective loss of both hands: £117,700.00 to £168,520.00

Serious damage to both hands: £46,480.00 to £70,700.00

Total or effective loss of one hand: £80,410.00 to £91,660.00

Amputation of index/middle/ring fingers: £51,760.00 to £75,900.00

Serious hand injury: £24,260.00 to £51,760.00

Less serious hand injury: £12,100.00 to £24,260.00

Total loss of index finger: In the region £15,680.00

Moderate hand injury: £4,510.00 to £11,110.00

Minor hand injury: £770.00 to £3,360.00

Severe fractures to fingers: Up to £30,720.00

Partial loss of index finger: £10,180.00 to £15,680.00

Fracture of index finger: £7,620.00 to £10,230.00

Total loss of middle finger: In the region of £13,670.00

Serious injury to ring or middle: £12,430 to £13,670.00

Amputation of little finger: £7,320.00 to £10,230.00

Loss of a thumb: £29,700.00 to £45,840.00

Very serious injury to thumb: £16,390.00 to £29,260.00

Serious injury to thumb: £10,530.00 to £14,030.00

Moderate injuries to thumb: £8,090.00 to £10,530.00

Severe dislocation of thumb: £3,300.00 to £5,670.00

Minor injuries to thumb: Up to £3,300.00

Trivial thumb injuries: Up to £1,840.00

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Please note that we cannot tell you exactly how much compensation you may receive but our guide will give you an estimate of how much compensation you could receive for your injury upon a successful personal injury claim.

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