Equestrian Accident Specialists

Our personal injury lawyers take equestrian accident cases on a no win, no fee basis.

equestrian-accidentAccidents involving horses that can lead to a successful claim for compensation can come about in various circumstances and include:

  • Falls from horses at a Horse Riding School if the accident was caused by negligent supervision by an instructor, or pairing with an unsuitable horse;
  • Being kicked or bitten by a horse that was not properly controlled or restrained in a public area;
  • Being injured whilst a spectator at an equestrian event if the horse is out of control;
  • Injury arising from the use of a defective horse box or trailer owned by another person;
  • Being in collision with another road user, often a motor vehicle driver, whilst riding or walking a horse along a public highway.

At Hayward Baker Solicitors, we have lawyers specialising in helping those injured in accidents involving horses. They understand the risks and the nature of equestrian accidents. For example, our lawyers understand the laws about wearing protective clothing and upon the duties of instructors both at the Riding School and in the livery yard.

Injuries sustained in equestrian accidents can be serious and we have the knowledge and expertise to help all from the serious head and spinal injuries through to the broken bones and bumps and bruises. We can also advise you upon and help recover your financial losses, including any loss of earnings associated with the accident.


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