Faulty Product Liability

Manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe to use, but this guidance is not always followed perfectly, potentially leaving you suffering as a result. If you’ve been injured or made unwell by a faulty product, you may not know where to turn. This is where Hayward Baker could help you make a claim for compensation.

When it comes to faulty product liability injuries, there are a huge number of scenarios that you may have dealt with. Here at Hayward Baker, we could help you with any of the following injuries, among others:

  • Illness from contaminated food
  • Injury due to a faulty or dangerous product
  • Injury from not being made aware of the potential hazards of a product

If you’ve been injured or made ill by a faulty product in the last three years, Hayward Baker could help you make a claim for compensation.

Physical evidence will likely be a significant part of your faulty product claim. When you realise what has caused your injury or illness, ensure you are gathering as much proof as possible. Keep the product receipt and get statements from any witnesses to the injury or illness. If possible, record the aftermath with photographs or video.

When you think you may have a claim for a faulty product but you aren’t certain, our team of solicitors could help you clarify whether your case is strong enough. It’s free to speak with us and you won’t be under any obligation to proceed.

The level of compensation you can claim will depend on the severity of your injury or illness. A settlement figure will likely take into account factors such as long-term health consequences, whether you lost any earnings through having to miss work and how long and intensive your recovery period was.

Some of our previous successes may provide you with an indication of what compensation we could be able to help you secure.

  • One of our clients suffered a serious scalp injury when he caught his head on a protruding zip tie at a children’s indoor play area. We helped him to obtain more than £7,000 in compensation.
  • We also helped a client win £5,000 when a sack truck tyre he was inflating according to the instructions split, causing an injury to his face, as well as to his right thumb and right hand.

When you’re looking to make a claim following an accident at work, it is typically best to start the process as soon as possible. This way, you’ll be able to remember all the details of the incident, which could help to strengthen your case.

We know these types of incidents can affect your life years after happening, so we want to make it possible for you to obtain justice when you realise how seriously it has affected you. This is why it could still be possible to make a claim up to three years after your accident at work occurred.

When you’re looking for a solicitor to help you, we know you have a lot of choice. However, you’ll certainly be searching for a firm with the experience to take your claim forward, which we have in abundance. Our team of experts have secured hugely significant compensation sums for victims of accidents at work, so we’re confident in our ability to help you too.

We pride ourselves on the way we treat you as real person, rather than just another case. With us, you’ll receive a personalised and tailored service, unique to you as an individual. You’ll be assigned a case handler, who will help you to understand the entire process. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible throughout the process, which is why we ensure that one person manages the case from the very beginning.

Here at Hayward Baker, we understand the importance of communication, so you can be confident in the knowledge you won’t have to chase us for information. We’ll be in contact at every critical stage, making sure you’re fully updated about every element of your case as we know how important it is to you.

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