What are a Slip, Trip and Fall claims?

How do I know if I can make a Slip, Trip or Fall claim?

accident-994009_640Slip, trip and fall claims are quite widespread and can happen in public and workplaces. Serious falls of course can be fatal but they also culminate in head injuries, back injuries, foot injuries, fractured bones and in some cases cause the injured person paralysis.  Tripping  can occur due to defective pavements, roads or simply wet floors in a public building such as a supermarket.  The defendant in these matters could be a public authority such as the local council or the owner of the land/premises where the accident occurred. If you sustained an injury in the above circumstances then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

What sort of thing would constitute a Slip, Trip or fall?

  • Trip injuries are caused by tripping over wires, boxes or other items
  • Falling off a ladder would be falling from height due to to faulty equipment
  • Slip and tripping on wet surfaces where no warning signs are displayed
  • Tripping over uneven paving slabs
  • Tripping due to holes in the pavement and roads
  • Falling down a defective staircase or set of steps

Any of the above could have also happened in the workplace and would then be classed as an accident at work.

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