How much compensation will I get for my military accident injuries?

If your claim is successful you will receive compensation for your injuries and reimbursement of your financial loss and expenses arising from the accident.

There is no tariff for injuries in the English legal system and each award of compensation is individually calculated depending upon the nature of the injuries and how they affect the person claiming.

This can include the period of recovery, the amount of medical treatment needed and whether there will be any long-term effects of the accident.

We use medical consultants to prepare a report upon injuries and this forms the basis of valuing the award.

Any expenses reasonably following the accident can be claimed. This may include loss of earnings, medical costs, travel expenses, costs of care and assistance during recovery, damage to property and possessions and any similar expenses.

We seek to recover an interim payment towards these expenses at the earliest possible stage where liablity is accepted.

If you have had an accident within the last 3 years that was not your fault and you suffered injury then please call us on our freephone 0800 1077 321 to speak to one of our personal injury claims specialists for free no obligation advice. Alternatively, fill out our contact form  and we will call you.

Please note that we cannot tell you exactly how much compensation you may receive but our guide will give you an estimate of how much compensation you could receive for your injury upon a successful military  personal injury claim.  Check out our personal injury calculator here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Military Personal Injury Claims

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