Military Claims – Trench Foot and Non Freezing Cold injury

Cold injuries whilst serving in the military

A Non-freezing Cold Injury or what is commonly known as Trench foot can not just affect the feet but also hands and is a common military injury sufered by the military in both the Uk and overseas. This condition occurs when you have been wet and cold for a long time without being able to dry your feet properley and have a change of clothing.

Symptoms of a cold injury can be pain, numbness, pins and needles,itching, swelling and sensitivity to cold.

A cold injury is very serious and can be life changing and can often result in a medical discharge from the Armed forces, loss of military career and heavy financial loss.

Just like any civilian employer, the Ministry of Defence has a duty to protect employees, for example by providing the correct clothing and equipment and also carry out regular inspections for signs of cold injury. However this is not always the case and should you feel that your working conditions within the Armed forces have caused you to develop a cold injury then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

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