Slip, Trip or Fall Accident

A slip, trip or fall may sound like a fairly innocuous accident, but they can often result in painful injuries. When this happens, you’ll need someone on your side helping you establish whether it was the fault of someone else and if you could have a claim for compensation to help you recover.

If you’ve had a slip, trip or fall accident in the last three years that was the fault of another person or organisation, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Regardless of where the accident took place, if the injury was down to negligent upkeep, you may be eligible for compensation.

Many of these accidents happen at work, where employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of their workers. If your slip, trip or fall was caused by a disregard for this responsibility, we could help you make a personal injury compensation claim.

Meanwhile, dangerous protruding paving stones and potholes are a major cause of serious injuries after a slip, trip or fall. Local authorities can be held accountable for accidents like this as it is their responsibility to make sure roads and paths are safe for pedestrians.

Furthermore, there are laws protecting people from falling in public venues, such as shops, restaurants and car parks. If the owners of these establishments have not adhered to their responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers and you suffer an injury from a slip or trip accident as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

As a personal injury solicitor with many years of experience handling injury claims involving slip and trip accidents, Hayward Baker has represented a variety of clients, getting them the reparations that they deserve. Our specialist team will be able to advise you on how to gather evidence in support of your claim and we will provide representation on a No Win No Fee basis. Contact us today for free, no-obligation advice.


Whether you’ve suffered a slip, trip or fall in the last three years, you could be eligible for compensation. However, the level of what you can claim for will depend largely on the injuries you sustained, as well as the length of your recovery period and whether there are any expected long-term consequences.

The settlement that you receive will help you with the financial repercussions of your injury, including hospital and rehabilitation bills. It will also help you make up for any income you may have lost by missing work for recuperation or follow-up medical procedures.

  • We helped a client who suffered a fractured right foot and soft tissue injury to her left foot and arm after tripping in a pothole. We secured her £4,000 in compensation.
  • Another of our clients sustained injuries to her left leg and hamstring, right knee, upper back and neck after slipping on a wet floor without adequate warning signage. We helped her obtain £6,500.

Starting the claims process as soon as you can is the best thing to do when you experience a slip, trip or fall accident. You may find it more straightforward to gather evidence and witness statements to support your claim by starting it quickly.

However, it may be possible to make a claim up to three years after the accident happened. If you’re not sure whether your slip, trip or fall happened within the time limit, give our expert team a call.

When you’re looking for a solicitor to help you, we know you have a lot of choice. However, you’ll certainly be searching for a firm with the experience to take your claim forward, which we have in abundance. Our team of experts have secured hugely significant compensation sums for victims of accidents at work, so we’re confident in our ability to help you too.

We pride ourselves on the way we treat you as real person, rather than just another case. With us, you’ll receive a personalised and tailored service, unique to you as an individual. You’ll be assigned a case handler, who will help you to understand the entire process. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible throughout the process, which is why we ensure that one person manages the case from the very beginning.

Here at Hayward Baker, we understand the importance of communication, so you can be confident in the knowledge you won’t have to chase us for information. We’ll be in contact at every critical stage, making sure you’re fully updated about every element of your case as we know how important it is to you.

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