Slip, Trip or Fall Accident

Get compensation after a slip or trip accident

slip-trip-fallHave you been injured after a fall, slip or trip accident that wasn’t your fault? Hayward Baker Solicitors specialise in personal injury claims, helping people who have suffered injuries that occurred through no fault of their own.

We work on a no win, no fee basis, meaning you needn’t worry about legal fees or other financial obligations and you will be rewarded with 100 per cent of the compensation that you’re entitled to.

With many years of experience in this field, our team of talented lawyers and knowledgeable experts have helped a variety of clients in cases involving slip and trip accidents. So whether your injury occurred at work, in a shop, or while walking along a path or road, you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Are you entitled to compensation after a slip or trip accident?

Wherever your fall, slip or trip accident occurred, if the injury was to blame on negligent upkeep of the area, you may be eligible for compensation. The settlement that you receive will help you with the financial repercussions of your injury – such as hospital and rehabilitation bills, as well as income that you may have lost by missing work for recuperation or follow-up medical procedures.

If the fall, slip or trip accident occurred at work, it’s important to remember that employers are legally responsible for the health and safety of their employees. If your slip or trip accident was caused by disregard for this responsibility, you may be eligible for personal injury compensation.

Dangerous protruding paving stones and potholes can cause severe injuries after a slip or trip accident. As it is their responsibility to make sure roads and paths are safe for pedestrians, local authorities can be held accountable for slip and trip accidents that happen due to negligent upkeep.

There are also laws to protect people from slip and trip accidents in public locations, such as shops, restaurants and car parks. The owners of these establishments are responsible for the safety of their customers and if you suffer an injury from a slip or trip accident caused by their negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Slip or trip accident compensation – on a no win, no fee basis

If you’ve been injured a slip or trip accident, Hayward Baker can represent you on a no win, no fee basis. This means that you won’t be under any financial obligation to us, so you have no need to find the money to pay expensive legal fees.


Free, no-obligation advice after a slip or trip accident

For a free, no obligation consultation with one of Hayward Baker’s experienced specialists, contact us today. We will review your case, listening to your account of the slip or trip accident, and we will explain your rights to you in plain English.

We understand that personal injuries can be very difficult to deal with and at Hayward Baker Solicitors, we take pride in offering a very high level of customer support. Our specialists are sympathetic to your situation and we’ll do everything we can to settle your claim for slip or trip accident compensation as quickly as possible.

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