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Professional Negligence Services

Here at Hayward Baker Solicitors we have taken over many claims from solicitor firms who just did not have the expertise to run the personal injury claim properly, and used our expertise to obtain much more than the other firms had advised the clients to accept.

Unhappy with your Solicitor?

I’m unhappy with the advice I’ve been given. I was told I don’t have a case.
Am I paying my solicitor the correct fee? I’m unhappy with my compensation.
My solicitor made a mistake. I’m not happy with the service I’m receiving.

I’m Unhappy with the Advice I’ve Been Given

If you feel your solicitor isn’t giving your case the attention it deserves, Hayward Baker may be able to help. If your claim has been dragging on for longer than expected and your solicitor is not updating you regularly, we can take over a claim for you, review it, and put a timescale in place. Similarly, if you are unsure about any advice you have been given by your current solicitor, we can offer a second opinion.


I Was Told I Don’t Have a Case

If your case has been rejected by a solicitor, then it may not be the end of the road – we can review the circumstances and see if we can help. Many solicitors take cases on a ‘no win no fee basis’ so will only take on cases if they are going to be guaranteed success. However, we take a different approach at Hayward Baker, so even if a claim is potentially difficult we can still try on your behalf.


Am I Paying My Solicitor the Correct Fee?

At Hayward Baker, we can review your solicitor’s file and give you a second opinion if you are unhappy with the fees you have paid your solicitor. If you appointed your solicitor before April 2013 and money has been deducted from your final compensation figure without you being made aware beforehand, we may be able to assist you.


I am Unhappy with My Compensation

We can review your file and give you a second opinion if you are unhappy with the level of compensation you have received. Solicitors can miss details in a case or advise their client’s to take the first offer of compensation, which, in both instances, can result in the amount paid out being lower than it should be.


My Solicitor Made a Mistake

I you are worried your solicitor has been negligent, we can look at your solicitor’s file to give you a second opinion. For example, your solicitor may have advised you to seek independent legal advice because they missed the three-year limitation period, meaning you might lose the right to make a claim. In this instance we can look into your case and either take it on or bring a negligence claim against your solicitor if nothing can be done.


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