How do I challenge a solicitors bill?

The starting point is to ask the solicitors to reconsider their fees. Often when a challenge is made the solicitors are prepared to discuss matters and an amicable reduction can be agreed.

If they refuse to do so then an application must be made to the Court to have the bill assessed by the court to decide whether the fees are reasonable.

The Court will order an assessment to be carried out. The solicitors will then be required to prepare a very detailed bill setting out exactly what work was done and each stage, who did it, and how long it all took and what has been charged for each part of the bill.

The next stage is we prepare a response to the bill setting out which parts are disputed and why. The solicitors then review that and then there is a further opportunity for them to either accept our arguments and negotiate a refund, or alternatively they do a reply explaining why they reject our arguments.

Following this procedure if there is no amicable settlement the court will list the matter for a hearing so the court can make a ruling on whether there should be a refund and if so how much.

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