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Poor Service From Your Solicitor

If you are in anyway unhappy with the service you are receiving it is your right to transfer to an alternative solicitor.

Is your claim taking too long and you are not being kept informed?

poor-solicitor-serviceThe more seriously injured you are the longer a claim can take to resolve. This is because it can be quite some time before the long term effect of the accident is finally known depending on how well you are recovering. Nevertheless all this should have been discussed with you and you should know what is happening at all times.

Where liability is accepted your solicitor should discuss with you rehabilitation and ensure you get the treatment you need to get you back on your feet and funded by your opponent’s insurers. They should discuss interim payments with you, particularity where you have not been able to return to work because of your injuries.

Where liability is disputed we find that many solicitors simply do not do enough to obtain the evidence they need and to put pressure on insurers by issuing proceedings to show they mean business. This in our experience results in claims being resolved sooner rather than later.

Where your claim is being handled by a junior person, they may not have the expertise, experience or confidence to issue proceedings, and this can cause substantial delays and risk claims under settling.

Do you not like the advice you have received from your solicitor and want a second opinion?

If you are in any way unhappy with the advice you have received then we can take over your claim for you. Please see below for details of what we can do to help.

We can help

At Hayward Baker Solicitors we can take over the claim for you. We will then review exactly what stage the claim has reached and ensure you fully understand all the issues. We will then agree with you a plan and timescale of what needs to be done to bring the claim to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

If you would like us to take over your file then click the link below to provide us with the details requested. We will prepare an authority for you to sign authorising the transfer.

Alternatively if you would prefer to speak to us initially over the phone to discuss further please ring on the number shown at the bottom of this page.

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