What are the time limits for challenging a solicitors bill?

You have an absolute right to challenge a bill through the courts if you apply within 1 month of delivery of the solicitor’s final bill.

Between 1 month and a year the court has a discretion whether to permit you to challenge the bill, but will usually permit you to do so.

After a year there is an absolute bar on challenging the bill if it has been paid.

But the above time limits only start to run if the bill itself complies with certain legal requirements. If it does not you will have the right to call for a revised bill that does comply and the time limits then start to run.

For instance at the conclusion of a personal injury claim many solicitors just send you a bill charging you 25% of the compensation. What they should do is present you with a bill that shows the total amount of work charged, gives credit for any sums received from your opponent so you can see whether the balance being charged is more or less than the agreed cap. It is not appropriate to just send you a bill for 25%. If that has happened you are entitled to call for a full bill and the time limits to challenge the bill will not start until they do.

It is also possible to apply to court for an order that they send you a proper bill if they refuse.

We can help you with all of this. We can review the bill free of charge. At the same time we can also review whether the compensation you have received is fair (for more information click here). If we believe the bill can be challenged we will offer you a no win no fee agreement.

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