Cycling Accident

Cyclist injured in a road traffic accident is awarded a sum of over £50,000.00 in compensation

On the above date the Claimant was riding his bicycle along a road in Hampshire.  The Defendant, driving a Honda Civic, drove out of a side road failing to stop and give-way to the Claimant who was correctly proceeding . As a result the Defendant collided into the Claimant causing the Claimant to roll across the bonnet […]

Cyclist suffers injury when knocked from bicycle by car doing a three point turn

Our client  was riding his bicycle along a road  in Bracknell. The defendant, was driving a Volkswagen Passat in the opposite lane facing the claimant and attempting, it appears, to perform a 3 point turn.  In doing so, she  collided with the Claimant knocking him off of his bicycle. As a result of the accident our client […]

£30,000 awarded to cyclist injured when hit by a motor vehicle

Our client was cycling along a road when the defendant heading in the opposite direction turned across her path and collided with her, causing her to fall from her bicycle and suffer injury. Our client’s injuries As a result of the collision our client suffered soft tissue injuries to her head, neck, lower back and […]

Female cyclist suffers injury when car door is opened into her path

Our client was cycling along a road in Cambridge and as she passed a parked car the defendant opened his door into our client’s path causing a collision. As a result of the collision our client suffered injury. Injuries Sustained: Soft tissue injury to right wrist, bruising and Psychiatric symptoms. Resolution: We settled the claim […]

Cyclist injured when motorist opened car door into his path

Accident Circumstances: Our client was cycling along a ride in Hertfordshire and when he went to pass a parked car the driver of the vehicle opened his door into our client. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury. Injuries Sustained: Injury to lower back, bruising to left arm, bruising to left knee […]

Cyclist hit by car on roundabout claims compensation through Hayward Baker Solicitors

Our client was cycling around a roundabout in Telford  when the defendant drove his vehicle onto the roundabout and collided with  our client causing him to fall off his bike and suffer injury. Our Client’s Injuries: Our client sustained a cut to his face requiring 10 stitches. He now has a scar above his right […]

Cyclist hit by Post Office van suffers serious personal injury and receives a five figure sum in compensation

Our client was riding his motorcycle home from work along a road in Bambridge. Our client noticed a Royal mail van had pulled into a side road on the left. As our client went to overtake the van the driver he pulled out of the side road undertaking a U turn with no warning or […]

Cyclist in Oxford hit by car after it makes a right hand turn across the cyclists path

Our client was riding her bicycle along a street in Oxford, the traffic had slowed to a stop. Our client was the second of two cyclists positioned on the right hand side of the carriageway overtaking stationary traffic. The first cyclist passed the defendant’s stationary vehicle and as our client also passed the defendant attempted […]

Devon cyclist who was knocked off his bicycle by a car receives over £4,000 in injury compensation

Our client was cycling along a road in Bridport when a car collided with his rear wheel causing him to fall from his bike and into the road. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss. Our Client’s Injuries: Broken ribs and injury to both legs. Cuts and bruises to […]

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