Our client is awarded over £7,000 in compensation for her injuries after tripping on a defective paving slab


Hayward Baker’s client was returning to her car that was parked in a retail park in Portsmouth.

As she walked along the pavement she tripped over a raised paving slab, causing her to fall and injure herself. An ambulance was called and she was taken to the local hospital.

There was a site supervisor in the car park who attended the scene. He stated that he was aware of the defect and had made numerous requests to have this repaired with no luck.

The Injuries:

Our client received a cut to right side of their forehead, a deep abrasion on their nose, bruising to their right cheek, a swollen upper lip, pain and swelling to the left wrist and damage to one front upper tooth.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Gary Lee made the claim through the low value Accident Insurer’s Online Portal, and the defendant insurer admitted liability on behalf of their insured.

A medical report was then provided from an Accident and Emergency Consultant and a Maxillo Facial Surgeon to show that our client’s injuries were caused by the accident. This report was also used to determine what treatment had been undertaken and if any further treatment was needed.

The Valuation:

A schedule of out of pocket expenses was drafted by Gary. This included our client’s medical expenses, travel expenses and replacement of damaged items.

Gary also obtained a temporary payment for our client of £1000, which was deducted from the total.

Once Gary had full details of all of our client’s losses he negotiated with the insurers, and a number of offers were made by both Gary and the insurers until a fair settlement was reached.

The Resolution:

Our client’s claim was finally settled in full for £7804.40.

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Our client is awarded over £7,000 in compensation for her injuries after tripping on a defective paving slab
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