Delayed Flight

Brexit and the impact on passenger rights in the UK

For nearly two decades passengers in Europe have enjoyed protections bestowed by the European Union in the form of EU Regulation 261/2004. Unhappy with the high incidents of cancellations and delays across the continent, and the subsequent poor treatment of passengers by airlines often leading to passengers having to fend for themselves, the EU sought […]

Flight Delay Claim Head to the Court of Appeal over Crew Sickness

The Court of Appeal have granted permission in the case of Lipton & Lipton v BA City Flyer to decide whether an airline has to pay compensation to passengers when a flight is delayed or cancelled due to a crew member going sick. Under European Regulation EC 261/2004 passenger are entitled compensation of up to […]

Passenger awarded €300 for delayed flight operated by Pakistan International Airlines

Ms X was travelling with Pakistan International Airlines when her flight was delayed over 3 hours. Under EU regulation 261/2004 the passenger was entitled to compensation of 300 euros as her long haul flight was delayed under 4 hours unless the airline could show that the delayed was caused by extraordinary circumstances which no reasonable […]

British Airways Flight delayed by over 3 hours by landing in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf by mistake

British Airways flight #BA3271 to Dusseldorf  in Germany landed in Edinburgh in Scotland by mistake. Apparently the wrong flight plan was filed. British Airways apologised to all their passengers who only realised the error when it was announced over the aircraft broadcast system that they had arrived at their destination. Having been asked who wanted […]

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